Our winemaker is Bénédicte Rhyne. Bénédicte has been working with us since 2003. Prior to coming to Texas, Bénédicte worked at Ravenswood Winery, Sonoma, California from 1991 to 2001 as their Assistant Winemaker, Enologist and Lab Manager. Prior to her time at Ravenswood, she worked with Berkmann Wine Cellars in London focusing on selling French wines to restaurants and high end bottle shops. Before joining Berkmann, she worked harvests in New Zealand and France. Bénédicte has the following degrees:

Diplôme National d’Oenologue, Université de Bourgogne, France.

Biochemistry degree (DEUG), Université de Provence, France.

Baccalauréat D (Sciences), Ste Catherine de Sienne, Aix en Provence, France.