Source & Commitment to Quality

There are several reasons why we believe we provide superior quality versus alternatives at each price point. These reasons are:

Grapes that we grow

With few exceptions, the grapes that we grow, versus what we source from other wineries, play a role in Ste Genevieve types. We get low yields from our vineyard thus the grapes are smaller with a greater ratio of skins to juice. This greater ratio means greater concentration of flavors which uplifts the quality of our wines.

The grapes we grow play a dominant role in our premium brands.

Small production

We produce a smaller quantity overall, and smaller quantities each time we bottle, in relation to other wines in our price range, much like a micro-brewery versus large national brands. This helps in three ways—first, it allows us to micro manage lots when we bottle as we bottle small quantities many times versus large quantities fewer times. This allows us to make quality improvements with each new lot. Second, we have smaller equipment, which is conducive to, and provides us better control of, bottling smaller lots of high quality. Third, since we bottle often, our wines are fresh and this translates to better fruit expression and softer, smoother, less bitter finishes.


Many believe that all wine gets better with age but, in fact, most wine gets worse when aged. Some wines were made to age and if consumed too early, they have yet to meet their potential and the consumers’ experience may not be as good as expected. Most of these wines are quite expensive. Since we produce small lots often and since we are not a national brand, we get our wines to market and to your table very quickly, resulting in wines that are fresher, more fruit forward and with more balanced, pleasing finishes.

Modern equipment

We continue to invest heavily in new equipment with the goal of constantly improving quality. This includes rotary presses and rotary fermenters, modern cross flow filtration systems, small tanks and new bottling lines.

Concentration on just a few brands

We are a small company and we do not own many brands in many categories. This enables us to put great concentration on what we do make and this extra focus and commitment to the wines we make helps us to make better wines.