Our Vineyard

Our vineyard is located just 30 minutes east of Fort Stockton in West Texas and in the Premium Grape Growing Appellation, Escondido Valley. Our vineyard is uniquely qualified to produce quality grapes based on climate, soil, age and its proximity to our winemaking facilities.


Our vineyard is located in a valley which represents a mini-microclimate characterized by long days of sunlight. These long days of sunlight are tempered by a cooling effect resulting from the vineyard’s high elevation, 2,650 feet above sea level. This cooling effect enables our grapes to mature more slowly, resulting in greater balance and varietal flavor.


Our vineyard’s soil is truly special as it is greatly impacted by the majestic mesas that tower over and surround our land. Through thousands of years of erosion, these great limestone mesas have produced a cover of calcium rich top soil which contributes valuable minerals to the vineyard. Beneath this layer of soil is a substrata of gravelly soil which provides good drainage and therefore allows us to control the amount of water each vine gets and thus the quality and concentration of the grapes.


The majority of our vineyard was planted 25 years ago. These mature vines produce a lower quantity of grapes but grapes of great quality as the vine is less vibrant and it focuses its energy in producing fruit instead of producing excess leaves. The maturity of our vineyard has also provided us with a wealth of learning that continues to help us to make better wines.


Our winemaking facilities are situated alongside our vineyard and this enables us to receive our fruit as it is harvested and in its freshest state.