Ste Genevieve Wine Labels Through The Years

Ste Genevieve Lables through the years.


Our vineyard was initially planted between 1981 and 1984 by The University of Texas System, University Lands Office, on lands set out of the public domain to benefit higher education in Texas. The revenue from these lands benefit both the Texas A&M University System and The University of Texas System. Our vineyard and winery is on these lands.

Our winery was built in 1984 by Cordier Estates who worked closely with The University of Texas Land System. The winery was built with the confidence of the potential for Texas wines in terms of quality and thus the future potential in the market for these wines.

The winery is quite large—68,000 square feet and 4 stories high—in relation to wineries outside of California, however, everything is relative so it’s small compared to the large wineries in California.

When it was built, no expense was spared and the equipment was the most modern and the best available.

In 1988, our most popular wine brand, Ste Genevieve, was created.