In June of 2005 the winery and vineyard were bought by a small group of individuals that organized themselves under the name of Mesa Vineyards for this purchase. Today, the winery and vineyard are privately held and owner operated with a long term lease with the land owner, The University of Texas Land Systems.

Every year, 20 to 40 acres of grapes are planted to rejuvenate or expand the vineyard. Today, we cultivate over 500 acres of grapes.

Since 2005, there have been large investments made in the winery for new equipment and new tanks. The investments in the vineyard and in the winery are driven to continually improve quality. In the vineyard, they include planting the best varietals, the best clones of these varietals and using the best rootstocks to enable us to grow the highest quality grapes in our climate and soil. In the winery, investments include smaller tanks, new bottling lines and new filtration systems—all with the purpose of improving quality.