We have several events that we execute in retailers in Texas featuring our Ste Genevieve brand.

Mix It Up with Ste Genevieve wine, Beef and Bolner’s FIESTA Brand® Spices

In the months of June and July retailers offer a program called Mix It Up featuring Ste Genevieve wines, Bolner’s FIESTA Brand® spices and The Texas Beef Council.

During this period you can find $3.00 off beef instantly redeemable coupons with any purchase of any jar of Bolner’s FIESTA Brand® spices, redeemed right at the checkout counters. The coupons are displayed on Ste Genevieve wines throughout the store.

CROCK POT® and Accessories Raffle

Enter for a chance to win a fantastic crock pot package from the Texas Beef Council and Bolner’s FIESTA Brand®. The package includes a 6 Quart stainless steel CROCK POT® slow cooker, a cutting board, 3 books, Slow Cooker: The best cookbook ever, The Art of BEEF Cutting and Texas Hometown Cookbook, a pamphlet, Confident Cooking WITH BEEF, a Chefstyle® 8 inch blade Chef’s Knife, a branding iron, 4 jars of select seasonings & branded items to include grill mitts, aprons, & a cap. Ten of the grilling packages will be won.

You can enter this raffle by filling out the raffle portion of the Recipe/Raffle bottle necker you will find in stores on bottles of Ste Genevieve wines, or by competing the entry form on this website.

Retail Value: $275. Raffle will be drawn on September 30th, 2015.

This program also features a fantastic recipe for SIRLION, CRANBERRY AND PEAR SALAD. This recipe can be found in the Recipe/Raffle necker found on bottles of Ste Genevieve wines in stores and it is available in the recipe section of this site.

Sangria Recipes

In July and August great recipes for Sangria will be made available in stores. These recipes can be found on bottle neckers on Ste Genevieve Sweet Red, Sweet Moscato and Pink Moscato. You can also see the recipes on this site.

There are two recipes featuring Ste Genevieve Sweet Red, Instant Sangria and Fruity Overnight Sangria.

A recipe featuring Ste Genevieve Sweet Moscoto.

A recipe featuring Ste Genevieve Pink Moscato.

All That Is Texas

In the months of September and October retailers in Texas run a program called All That Is Texas, which features Ste Genevieve wines and many popular food brands that are Made In Texas.

The program features instantly redeemable coupons, redeemed at the checkout stands, on the premium Made In Texas food brand participants, that are found on Ste Genevieve bottles of wine displayed throughout the store. The premium food brand participants are:

  • Best Maid Pickles
  • BRIANNA’S Fine Salad Dressings
  • Bolner’s FIESTA Brand® Seasonings
  • Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods
  • Del Dixi Pickles
  • MOM’s Pasta Sauces
  • Mrs. RENFRO’S Gourmet Foods featuring premium salsa’s
  • Stubb’s Barbeque Sauces, Marinades and Rubs
  • Texas Beef Council

This program also includes a consumer raffle. You can enter by completing and mailing in the raffle portion that is in the coupon pack found on Ste Genevieve bottles of wine in stores and on this site. Enter for a chance to win a booklet of coupons that provide for 4 bottles of each bottled food brand participating in this program. 28 free bottles total. There will be 20 winners.